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1. Transfer Market trading unavailable in FIFA Ultimate Team Web App / EA SPORTS Football Club link http://help.ea.com/en/article/transfer-market-trading-unavailable-in-fut-and-easfc/?sf36282200=1

What is GeminiAutobuyer:

Autobuyer is a program created to trade for you automatically through the Ultimate Team Webapp and Gemini Autobuyer is the best autobuyer to do that for you.
Our autobuyer is compiled out of multi-language built system which lets users use advanced controls over auto-buying process.
Gemini Autobuyer never stores your information about their game accounts. We never use your personal information in marketing or trading purposes.

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Autobuyer-Autobidder PRO Update

Ahoy :). We're going to announce a brand new update to the very first beta stage...

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2014-12-09 09:24:44

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Website Problems Friday

Ok so, everybody blamed me turning website off, during the black friday deals, t...

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2014-11-28 10:47:01

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Gemini PRO

Ahoy!!! We are pleased to announce a better upgrade of what we call "The Be...

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2014-11-18 08:52:05

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Software Version 1.7

Hello traders, it's been a while since any update wasnt announced, but i had to ...

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2014-10-12 10:53:54

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